Faculty of Medicine

Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 2 August 2018

Internal Quality Audit (AIM) comprises of specific, continuous and independent evaluation within unit in Universitas Brawijaya. This program aims to evaluate implementation of quality standards by auditee. AIM is useful to measure and analyze compatibility between established quality documents with their implementation, whether it is academicals, financials and other administrational approach.

Result of AIM is Finding List (Borang Daftar Temuan) which comprises of Non-Linearity (KTS) and Within Observation (OBS) finding(s). These results, along with follow ups if available, are sent to Faculty through Quality Assurance Cluster (GJM). GJM will make summary and then report it to Faculty. This process is within GJM’s Annual Management Review. Evaluation towards Finding List(s) serves as one of several bases to determine future policy within Faculty.

Follow ups of Finding List are as follow: to create, to complete and or to revise document and its supporting data.