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Written on 2 August 2013 , by angga


Universitas Brawijaya is continuously maintaining both structured and systematic quality assurance with Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI). QA standards which are published by SPMI have contained compilation between BAN-PT standard, ISO 9001:2008, Internal Assurance Evaluation (EMI) from Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture, and Prime Service from Ministry of Civil Servant. SPMI is implemented within Universitas Brawijaya by Quality Assurance Center (PJM), Quality Assurance Group (GJM) and Quality Assurance Unit (UJM).

Quality assurance within faculty is maintained by annual Internal Quality Audit (AIM). Below is example of AIM process:

  1. 25 Maret – 1 April 2013: Internal Quality Audit (AIM) in undergraduate programs of Faculty: Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Midwifery


lampiran hasil audit 1

Internal Audit process at PS PDG March 25, 2013

lampiran hasil audit 2

Internal Audit process at PS midwife March 25, 2013

lampiran hasil audit 3

Internal Audit process at PS Nutrition March 26, 2013

lampiran hasil audit 4

Internal Audit process at PS Nursing March 27, 2013

lampiran hasil audit 5

Internal Audit process at PS pharmacy March 27, 2013

lampiran hasil audit 6

Internal Audit Process PS Medicine 1 April 2013

2. 16 April 2013 –26 April 2013: Quality Assurance Audit (AIM) in preclinical and clinical laboratories:

  1. Laboratory of Skill in Dentistry
  2. Laboratory of Pharmacy
  3. Laboratory of Pediatrician
  4. Laboratory of Ear, Nose and Throat
  5. Laboratory of Internal Medicine
  6. Laboratory of Surgery
  7. Laboratory of Obstetry and Gynecology
  8. Laboratory of Skin and Genital
  9. Laboratory of Anesthesiology
  10. Laboratory of Eye Health
  11. Laboratory of Pulmonology
  12. Laboratory of Cardiology
  13. Laboratory of Clinical Pathology
  14. Laboratory of Radiology
  15. Laboratory of Psychiatry
  16. Laboratory of Forensic
  17. Laboratory of Neurology
  18. Laboratory of Public Health
  19. Laboratory of Anatomy and Histology
  20. Laboratory of Pharmacology
  21. Laboratory of Physiology
  22. Laboratory of Biochemistry
  23. Laboratory of Parasitology
  24. Laboratory of Microbiology
  25. Laboratory of Anatomical Pathology
  26. Laboratory of Medical Rehabilitation


lampiran hasil audit 7

Audit Process Laboratory in Genital Skin Lab

lampiran hasil audit 8

Audit process at the Laboratory of Microbiology Lab

lampiran hasil audit 9

Auditor (Dr. dr. Loeki Enggar Fitri, Kes., Sp.ParK) gave directives Dr. dr. Siti Candra WB, Sp.OG (K)
the current audit Lab Laboratory in Obstetrics and Gynecologists

lampiran hasil audit 10

Audit Process Laboratory in Dental Lab

3. On 26 Juni 2013 – 10 Juli 2013 Quality Assurance Audit (AIM) was held in clinical study programs: Cardiology, Orthopaedy, Clinical Pathology, Eye Health, Anesthesiology, Pulmonology, Emergency Medicine, Obstetry Gynecology, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Skin and Genital, Eye Nose and Throat, Pediatrician and Surgery

lampiran hasil audit 11

Audit process at PS PPDS I Anesthesia

lampiran hasil audit 12

Audit process in PPDS UI Cardiology

lampiran hasil audit 13

Audit process at PS PPDS I of Ophthalmology

lampiran hasil audit 14

Audit process at PT PDSI Neurology


External Audit was held periodically by BAN-PT for the following study program:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine Study Program (BAN PT Accredited: A)
  2. Bachelor of Nursing (BAN-PT Accredited: B)
  3. Bachelor of Nutrition (BAN-PT Accredited: B)
  4. Bachelor of Dentistry (BAN-PT Accredited: C)
  5. Bachelor of Pharmacy (BAN-PT Accredited: B)
  6. Bachelor of Midwifery (BAN-PT Accredited: B)
  7. Master of Biomedical Sciences (BAN-PT Accredited : A)
  8. Master of Hospital Management (BAN-PT Accredited: A)
  9. Master of Nursing (Assessed by BAN-PT on 3 July 2014)
  10. Master of Midwifery (Assessed by BAN-PT on 10 – 11 September 2014)
  11. Doctoral Program of Medicine (BAN-PT Accredited: B)
  12. Specialist of Surgery (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  13. Specialist of Clinical Pathology (Accredited by Kolegium: A)
  14. Specialist of Internal Medicine (Accredited by Kolegium: A)
  15. Specialist of Pulmonology (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  16. Specialist of Obstetry and Gynecology (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  17. Specialist of Ear, Nose and Throat (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  18. Specialist of Eye Health (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  19. Specialist of Pediatric (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  20. Specialist of Orthopaedy and Traumatology (Accredited by Kolegium: A)
  21. Specialist of Radiology (Accredited by Kolegium: A)
  22. Specialist of Cardiology and Vascular (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  23. Specialist of Neurology (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  24. Specialist of Anesthesiology and Reanimation (Accredited by Kolegium: B)
  25. Specialist of Skin and Genital (in preparation for accreditation by Kolegium)
  26. Specialist of Emergency Medicine (in preparation for accreditation by Kolegium)
  27. Specialist of Urology (in preparation for accreditation by Kolegium)