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Written on 14 May 2018 , by Editor FKUB , in category News

Based on data recorded in RSUD Dr. Saiful Anwar Malang, the citizens who suffer from chronic inflammatory disease that attacks the immune system or commonly called lupus in Malang Raya in 2016 has reached a number of 1000 patients.

However, only around 12.5% ​​or 125 people are recorded in Kupu Parahita Indonesia Foundation (Lupus Observer NGO) which means that there are still about 87.5% or more than 800 patients who cannot be reached and embraced by this foundation.

Efforts to approach and encourage the spirit are continued to be implemented as seen in the commemoration of World Lupus Day 2018. Kupu Parahita Indonesia Foundation in cooperation with Lupus Study Group FMUB and RSSA Malang held a seminar and beauty class with a theme “Stay Beautiful with Lupus” on Sunday (6/5/18) at 6th floor Auditorium of GPP FMUB.

The chairman of Kupu Parahita Indonesia Foundation, Malang, Elvira Sari Dewi, explained that Lupus is a mysterious chronic disease whose symptoms often make us up and down. The condition today is healthy, but maybe tomorrow is sick, now is smiling, but maybe behind the smile is keeping a tremendous pain.

She added that the symptoms are different among patients one another. Starting from hair loss and expanding growth, sprue that never goes away, easily perforated teeth or even depleted because it must be often taken, the skin is very susceptible to acne due to immunocompromis conditions, even on some people with very sensitive skin when exposed to excessive sunlight, malar rash appears such as butterfly rash on the face, shortness of breath, lack of blood and up to disorders of the internal organs such as heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, even brain, and weak body that will not heal by resting alone, and joints that will be painful if exposed to cold like in Malang.

The results of these various symptoms, among others, can affect the productivity of life of the patient and also the confidence of the patients because of changing appearance. However, it is expected that this activity can interest Lupus sufferers (Odapus) as well as the community, because besides being given materials, the participants are also taught how to put makeup and refresh the face. And, there are also art performances by female members of Kupu Parahita Indonesia foundation themed “You Are Beautiful” which is expected to provide knowledge and training to participants especially Lupus patients on how to maintain skin health and beauty care. Thus lupus patients will be more confident and do not lost the spirit to keep contributing.

Furthermore, Elvira expects about 87.5% of patients that we cannot reach due to our limitations since the majority of the member board are Lupus patients who should not be too tired, so now we are recruiting volunteers from various fields and expertise to embrace lupus patients, both those whom we can reach and not, so there is no longer surrender word, and we can be contacted at Jalan Kawi Malang.

This seminar presented 3 presenters, namely: 1. dr. Caesarius Singgih W. SpPD, 2. dr. Perdana Aditya Rahman, SpPD and 3. dr. Nora Ariyati, M. Kes., SpKK