The 49th Anniversary of FMUB “Strengthening the Internal Capacity in the Implementation of PTNBH in FMUB”.

Malang, 8 January 2023 – The Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya (FMUB) is one of the leading Medical Faculties in Indonesia and its graduates have spread throughout the archipelago and abroad.

FMUB, which used to come from the Malang Medical College (STKM) and changed its status to become part of the Universitas Brawijaya Campus, has now reached the age of 49.

Until today, FMUB has been in line with government programs by graduating thousands of graduates or alumni who are currently active in the community and occupy strategic places both at the center and in the regions, especially in terms of health services. It continues to improve in providing educational services in producing superior and competitive staff. Currently, FMUB has 28 Study Programs spread over 4 Departments, Medicine, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Specialists, and Sub Specialists. In the Department of Midwifery, there are 3 Study Programs, in the Department of Pharmacy, there are 2 Study Programs, and in the Department of Specialist and Sub Specialist Departments, there are  18 study programs and most of them have been accredited ‘superior’ or ‘unggul’ by LAM PT Kes. In addition, 2 study programs have been accredited by AUNQA and 3 study programs (waiting for the results) have been assessed by ASIIN last October 2022.

The 49th anniversary of FMUB carried a theme “Strengthening the Internal Capacity in the Implementation of PTNBH in FMUB”. Where in more than 2 years since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been able to go through all kinds of challenges and create many innovations both in the education, research, and community service sectors. FMUB is present to continue to support the government in producing health workers and developing knowledge in the fields of medicine and health sciences that are superior and competitive both at home and abroad.

At this Anniversary, we carried out several series of activities as follows:

  1. Community services: free medical examination; IVA Examination and Free Medical Treatment (November 2022 – January 2023 in Wagir, in the Assisted Village (Department of Midwifery, Desa Klampok, Kec. Singosari and in Kel. Bunulrejo, Kec. Blimbing, Malang City).
  2. Art Talent and Competition (November – December 2022): Band Competition, Vocal Competition, Flashmoob Competition, Photography Competition
  3. Sports: Chess Competition (November 2022), Fun Run (10 December 2022), Gowes
  4. Research and Intelectual Rights & Properties (Nov-Dec): poster competition, national seminar and Dissemination with the theme “Research Dissemination towards Product Innovation”, Intelectual Rights & Properties and Patent Competition (November – December)
  5. Quality assurance: Study Program Competition with the Best Quality Assurance (November – December 2022)
  6. Education: Hybrid National Seminar on the topic of mental health (December 2022)
  7. Alumni: FMUB Student and Alumni Workshop (December 2022)
  8. Peak of the Event (Healthy Walk, Gymnastics, Gowesin FMUB 49 KM, and Business Expo (January 2023)

Finally, we would like to thank all parties who have participated in the success and support of the 49th Anniversary of FMUB this year, up to the peak of the event, especially the entire Board of Directors, Committee, and all parties from the FMUB academic community, alumni, colleagues, and sponsors who have contributed to and participated in this activity. Hopefully, these series of activities bring benefits for FMUB and society in general. (An4nk – PR of  FMUB)