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Written on 23 October 2017 , by Editor FKUB , in category Activities

Malang –FKUB has become one of the main destination for people who want to continue their study. This is once again proven by the number of applicant who came to make admission for specialist program, despite the high level of competition that must be taken by each applicant before they are admitted as new student.

Through the long and highly competitive selection, 81 of 217 applicants successfully passed all the selection process and officially admitted as newly admitted student in this 2017/2018 period.

The admission was ultimately followed by admission ceremony which is led by Dean of FKUB on Thursfay (19/10/17) in Auditorium of FKUB, 6th floor of GPP building.

In his reporting speech, Secretary of Specialist Department, dr. Eko Arisetijono Marhendraputra, Sp.S(K) mentioned that the selection process was high leveled, and each of the newly admitted student approximately has to defeat three other applicants in order to get accepted, so the acceptance ratio was 1 : 3. He further mentioned about the detailed number of each study program’s newly admitted student after congratulated them all for passing all the selection processes and becoming residents.

The activity of specialist department is closely related to the community service in hospital, thus, he said, all residents are required to work and serve with standardized manner, so nobody will be harmed by the process. Meanwhile, all residents must also be aware of regulation and law, to make sure the quality and safety are preserved well.

Furthermore, dr. Eko said that the role of family is very important to support the success of a resident, thus the department was pleased to invite residents’ spouse to attend the admission ceremony. He stated that the road ahead as resident might be hard and tiring, and because of that, he asked of the family to be understanding.

During the same event, the dean of FKUB, Dr. dr. Sri Andarini, M.Kes welcomed the newly admitted student into the big family of FKUB, and thanked them for their trust to FKUB, so that they chose to come and continue their study here. She mentioned that the newly admitted students consist of people originated from Sabang to Merauke and that she was proud for it. She reminded everyone that they are part of places with regulation, but she hoped that everyone can work well and graduate on time (An4nk /HumasFKUB; translated by siwi)