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Written on 14 June 2016 , by Editor FKUB , in category Activities

Master of Midwifery Education Orientation conducting Candidate For New Students Academic Year 2016/2017 which was attended by 33 people. Ordik S2 Midwifery was held on Monday (06.13.16) in the Senate Chamber FKUB GPP.
Presented by Dr. dr. Nurdiana, M. Kes as KPS S2 Midwifery FKUB, that the Education Orientation is held in order for the new students understand the institutional and student activities in relation to the educational process, he explained.
Furthermore, he added that the new student orientation activities include a short presentation about the study program Master of Midwifery and curriculum that will be pursued, Character Building and the introduction of facilities educational facilities such as laboratories and libraries.

On the same occasion the Dean FKUB, Dr. dr. Sri Andarini, M. Kes also welcomes prospective students S2 Midwifery. Dean’s mother in his speech advised, so freshmen 2016/2017 was to finish his studies on time ie for 2 years (4 semesters).

After this the candidate maba S2 Midwifery will follow the same perception as a step matriculation curriculum and understanding of educational programs during the process of study in S2 Midwifery FKUB for you, he said.

You need to know that FKUB have excellent programs in the field of Biomedicine and emergencies. So we hope you can discern that the S2 Midwifery program is much different than a competency training activities during this time you have done Diploma or Degree level. Later brother who had long been the school here will be able to receive coaching the best that can be continued and applied directly on each  institution brothers when later completed the study, and can be passed back in the educational system and how to educate we have given to the students brother, said lecturers who are alumni of this FKUB.

In the event the prospective new students S2 Midwifery also get material about how and what kind of educational process and the rules by SPS S2 Midwifery dr. Sutrisno, SpOG (K) as well as material on Character Building by dr. Arief Alam, MARS.

In this activity comes mandampingi Dean FKUB, KPS and SPS S2 Midwifery, presenters, lecturers and staff dilingkup S2 Midwifery FKUB.

Besides the room of the prospective new students are also invited to visit the Central Library of UB and around the campus area and FKUB laboratory which aims to get closer to them by the scope of the campus.