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Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 2 August 2013 , by angga

UB alumni organization from all faculties is sheltered under an organization called the Association of Alumni of the University of Brawijaya (IKA-UB). IKA UB has a governing body composed of the Central Administrator and Commissariat Administrator. Alumni of FKUB is sheltered under the management of IKA UB Commissariat Faculty of Medicine/Saiful Anwar Hospital. FKUB Alumni not only come from the alumni of undergraduate program but also from specialist education. Alumni management changes every four year through a meeting in which accountability report is submitted.

The management of IKA UB Commissariat FKUB/RSSA year 2011-2015 has the following Vision and Mission

Realizing the solidity of FKUB alumni to provide a real contribution to the alma mater, community, nation and state


  • Strengthening communication between alumni at home and abroad
  • Strengthening communication between alumni and alma mater
  • Maintaining and enhancing the reputation and pride to the alma mater by providing guidance to alumni
  • Providing a real contribution in the form of ideas and other resources needed by the alma mater to help realize the quality of FKUB graduates who are ethical and professional

The Board of Management of IKA UB Commissariat FK/RSSA :

Head : dr. Arief Alamsyah, MARS

1st Head : dr. Sutrisno , Sp.OG

2nd Head : dr. Widodo, Sp.S

PSIK Coordinator : Dina, S.Kep,Ns

Coordinator of  Nutrition Science Study Program: Fajar Nugroho, S.Gz,M.Kes

Secretary :

  • dr. Ahmad Dian W, Sp.THT
  • dr. Hikmawan Wahyu S

Treasurer :

  • dr. S.B. Rianawati, Sp.S
  • dr. Machlusil Husna, Sp.S

Science Division:

  • dr. Aulia Abdul Hamid, Sp.M (Coordinator)
  • dr. Atma Gunawan, Sp.PD .KGH
  • dr. Ninik Burhan, Sp.PD
  • dr. Viera Wardhani, M.Kes
  • dr. Holipah

Networking and Public Relation Division:

  • dr. Masruroh Rahayu, M.Kes (Coordinator)
  • dr. Indriati Dwi R, M.Kes
  • dr. Harun Al Rasyid , MPH
  • dr. Hanif, M.Kes
  • dr. Sadi Hariono, MMRS

Community Service Division:

  • dr. Eriko P, Sp.F (Coordinator)
  • dr. Singgih, Sp.PD
  • dr. Saptadi Y, Sp.A
  • dr. Nuretha Hevy
  • dr. Safitri Dwicahyani

International Relation Division:

  • dr. Sarwo Bekti (Coordinator)
  • dr. Asri Maharani, MMRS
  • dr. Joko Heri, Sp.PD
  • Edwin (Australia)

Spiritual Division:

  • dr. Satrio Wibowo, Sp. A (Coordinator)
  • dr. Wening Prastowo,Sp.F
  • dr. Ristiawan Muji, Sp.An

Alumni activities greatly help the progress of the Faculty. This corresponds with what has been described in PSPD FKUB quality standards (see WFME Quality Assurance standards) that alumni are required to contribute and participate in determining the preparation and development of the curriculum. Besides, the role of alumni is also described (as one of the stakeholders) that alumni are highly involved in all academic and non-academic activities. Alumni gathering activities have a major contribution because at the meeting donations, equipment, ideas for FKUB progress and development can be extracted. Some alumni activities that have been implemented:

  • Assisting faculty to carry out a useful tracer study for curriculum development
  • Providing scholarships to impoverished students
  • Career Day: Insights to the professional world for a new doctor
  • Cataract surgery
  • Contributing academic and non-academic facilities, e.g. donations of books, car for cataract surgery, ex gratia provision to the retired employees, etc.
  • Providing internship sites and elective courses
  • Communicating with the alumni abroad to provide input to the faculty and insight to staff/students who are willing to study abroad