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Written on 15 August 2016 , by Editor FKUB , in category Activities

Hundreds of enthusiastic students to look forward to the announcement of the National Student Science Week (PIMNAS) 29th held at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Thursday, August 11, 2016, not excluding contingent of UB. A total of 31 teams of PKM UB tense and hope to bring back the trophy Adhikarta Kertawidya which last year held by the UB.

PIMNAS 29th PKM was attended by 460 teams from 145 universities both Universities and Colleges with a total of 1947 students. Thursday night (11/08), around 23:00 pm, the announcement of the winner was announced. One by one the names of the winners and the origin of the college and its PKM field. This announcement begins from category poster presentation later category. After announcing the winners in every field, it’s time for the ultimate awarding of trophies rotating PIMNAS, Adhikarta Kertawidya.

The jury announced the university into the top 15 based on the ranking. All participants and attendees are not able to take my eyes off the stage. The list was a stop at rank 4 that housed the Institute of Technology. Ranked third came later occupied by the University of Airlangga. Next comes in second, Gadjah Mada University of Yogyakarta. In the end, Tropi Adhikarta Kertawidya again brought home by Universitas Brawijaya for the fifth time. All UB contingent gathered around the stage to celebrate the victory. Joy and pride felt by the entire contingent because it managed to bring the trophy back to Malang Adhikarta Kertawidya.

The total medal tally brought home the UB ie 10 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. Of the total, 3 medals donated by the UB School of Medicine. The gold medal category Nazhif presentation by the group Muhammad Haykal, together with members Novi Andriani Siagian, Priscilla Maiselina S, and Norman Alexander T with the title Ester Synthesis eugenol and Its Potential as Anticancer Cervical. The silver medal by a team of orchestra with members gathering is Feronika P, Reny Rachmatika, and Nadya Maulidya. Then the bronze medal in the category of posters by the psico-ART chaired by Ria Sherliana together with members Erna Nur fitria, Edvin Prawira State, Dhanang Puruhita TR, and Ridlo Ruditya son with the title psico-ART (Post-Ischemic Stroke DevelopmentAcceleration and Regeneration Therapy) Therapy development of Brain Function Post-Ischemic Stroke Based Regenerative Medicine and Inhibition of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Using Pure Extract Fucoidan from Sargassum sp. Animal Try Ischemic Stroke Model. Thank you for the struggle to the team SOADpatch chaired by Mustaqim Prayogi together with members Akbar Rozaaq Mugni, Mufidatul Ilmi, and Hamida entitled Product Standards Antidiabetes SOADpatch (Saccharum officinarum For antidiabetic Drug Patch) in Improving Quality And Safety Of Extracting Sugarcane Saccharum officinarum These Transdermal Based Nanotechnology Fitosom.