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Written on 15 August 2016 , by Editor FKUB , in category Activities

APPS (Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium) is an annual event organized by IPSF APRO (Asia Pacific Regional Officer) held in Ilsan, South Korea for approximately 7 days from 9th to July 15th 2016. The event was attended by around 300 students of pharmacy Asia Pacific namely Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Taiwan, Algeria, Sudan, Turkey and the host country South Korea. Many things have been done during APPS such as symposia, workshops, field trips, recreation, public health campaign, a poster contest (scientific posters and poster public health, competition PCE (Patient Counseling Event) and CSE (Clinical Skill Event), welcoming party, Korea night, international night, evening auction and gala dinner was held.

There are 4 symposium held this year such as:
1. Scientific Symposium. This explains the Symposium on ‘FDA Role in of Infectious Disease as a Gate Keeper’ who presented the role of KFDA against infectious diseases, especially emphasizing that the government should have a contingency plan in the prevalence of communicable diseases and are ready to execute the plan in an emergency. While ‘Vaccine Research for Developing Countries: International Vaccine Institute’ explains some bacterial infections that cause problems serious problem in developing countries and shows an example Shigella vaccine development. By attending the symposium, participants can learn the role of the pharmacist to handle infectious diseases both administrative and scientific.

2. Education Symposium. Topic of this symposium is about ‘Challenges and Future of the Hanmi Bio R & D’. Hanmi has increased investment in local R & D, especially for new biological products. As a result of their work, develop new drugs for diabetes in which the half-life has been extended. The second topic is about the ‘Bio-similar and Its Regulatory Approval’ which introduces the basic concepts and the process of obtaining regulatory approval for biosimilar products. Educational symposium gave participants an opportunity to learn about the basic concept of biosimilar and how to develop and obtain approval.

3. Culture Symposium. This symposium gave a lecture on ‘Modern Hanbokology’ that describe the business motivation. Throughout this course, participants will be able to understand the Korean culture, especially hanbok and a way to develop their traditional culture.
4. Symposium on Humanistic. The topic of the symposium is about ‘Why interdisciplinarity Matters to Pharmacists’ which emphasizes the pharmacy is interdisciplinary and pharmacists should have the ability to break down boundaries.

Delegates can choose 5 of the 20 choices provided by the workshop organizers. Some of the options that can be followed, namely How to Control Emerging Infectious Diseases with Antiviral Drugs, Public Health Show, Pre-Patient Counseling Event (PCE), Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pharmacists, Pre-Clinical Skills Event, characterization of Biological Function for Antibody Drugs, Trends of Technology for Antibody-Based Therapeutics Development, Good Pharmacist Practice Education, Clinical Skills Event Individual, Medical Beauty Trend in Asia, Pharmaceutical Industry in Asia Pacific, Communication Skill of Pharmacists, Anti Microbiotic Resistance, WHO Assembly, Contact Person / Student Exchange Officer , Closed Door PCE Beginner / Advanced, Patient Counseling Event Final Beginner / Advanced, and Clinical Skills Individual Event Jeopardy. If you follow the race on the APPS participants must attend workshops related to, for example, if a race Public Health Show means that participants must follow the workshop Public Health Show.

When the field trip, the delegation had the opportunity to come to various places in South Korea. Some places on the field trip APPS among others Yuhan Corporation (we visited the factory Yuhan Corporation and can learn about the process of making the drug by an automated system), Pharmaceutical Bakjae (for Pharmaceutical Baekjae is a distribution center, the participants interested and curious about how pharmacists work in a factory), Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (we learned about the business from the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and visited the factory ‘LG Household and Healthcare), hospital Dongguk University Ilsan (we looked around the hospital and learn about treatment a combination of oriental medicine and western), Health Centre Deokyang-gu (we learn how Korea has been taking efforts in developing public health and see the facilities that exist), National cancer Center (hospital officials explaining how to treat cancer and emphasize the ‘Proton Therapy ‘Services, National Health Insurance Hospitals Ilsan (we visited the space compounding sterile and center of medical rehabilitation, also learned about hydro theraphy and robot Therapy), Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (we visited many laboratories and hear an explanation on how to distinguish quality low of food or pharmaceuticals), and pharmaceutical Community (college participants of the pharmaceutical system in Korea and looking around Dongguk University nearest pharmacy, the pharmacist answered questions about their work).

APPS 15th Korea using the tagline ‘Anti-Smoking Campaign’ as the theme for a public health campaign. For the poster competition of public health and scientific posters participant is required to send an abstract service activities and research that has been done. After that, the committee will select 10 abstracts that will be presented at 7 minutes on public health poster presentation that will be judged by a jury. Delegates from UB pharmacy and escaped Public Health Show from the top 10 and get a chance to become a champion as “Best Design and Creativity”.

Welcome Party is an event on the first day when the delegation arrived in South Korea, which is an event delegate to know APRO and some of the committee that organizes the event, is also the first meeting between the delegations from various countries. Korea Night is an event in which Korea as the host country’s cultural showcase APPS such as dancing, food, traditional games, clothing, and others. International Night is an event where delegates can learn more about the cultures of the Asia Pacific region, could even try typical food from different countries for free. Night auction is an event where each country could auction off items typical of a country such as fabrics, clothes, food, and others. The money from the auction will be used to hold events of public health conducted by APRO. APPS event was topped off by a gala dinner which is the last event and the last chance to meet fellow delegates in APPS Korea.