Holding ICOBIPST, Cardiology, and Blood Vessel Specialist Education Study Program Discussed the Development and Solutions for Handling Heart Disease in East Java

The high prevalence of death rates due to heart disease, especially in East Java, has become a serious concern for heart health experts at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya. Dealing with this, the lecturers at FMUB tried to seek solutions by holding the International Conference on Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (ICOBIPST) 2022. This event was held for 2 days, i.e. from Saturday to Sunday, (1 – 2 /9/22). The seminar with the theme “Current Innovation and Technology in Cardiovascular Disease Management” is in line with the vision and mission of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) to become a university with an international reputation.

Prof. dr. M. Saifur Rohman, Sp.JP. (K) Ph.D. as the Chief Executive of ICOBIPST 2022, explained that in this activity, the participants discussed the latest developments regarding the treatment of heart and blood vessel disease from the perspective of technological advances, as well as approaches from a biomedical perspective, and pharmaceuticals, focusing on molecular, therapeutic and high advance. He added that this innovation and technology about cardiovascular disease was deliberately raised because of Indonesia and the area with the highest incidence of heart disease in East Java. He explained the findings of his research with his team that as many as 30% of people in Malang have high-risk factors for heart disease. Apart from the high rate of death from heart disease, heart disease is also the highest burden for the Social Security Agency of Health (BPJS Kesehatan), where 1 in 3 people in Malang has the potential to become a cardiac patient, which is caused by several factors such as hypertension and diabetes. In addition, heart disease is also caused by congenital diseases and also from lifestyle.

In this seminar, there were 75 speakers came from eight countries presented their papers and 986 participants from various scientific and professional groups including specialist doctors, general practitioners, pharmacists, pharmacists, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students from various domestic agencies attended as participants. Some of the presenters and participants (15%) were from abroad. (Anank – Public Relations FMUB)