FKUB Mengajar 2022: Teaching for Community Service

Saturday (27/8/22), the Ministry of Social Affairs (Sosma) Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya (BEM FKUB) held a series of “FKUB Mengajar” events which were held at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) Diponegoro, Jl. Major General Sungkono, Buring Village, Kedungkandang District – Malang City.

Dr. Eriko Prawestiningtyas, Sp.F as the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Entrepreneurship – Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawiijaya (FMUB), in her interview, said this activity is a regular activity of the BEM FMUB. There is a Work Program from the Ministry of Social Affairs Sociology (Sosma) that aims to initiate the need to apply the knowledge of Health and Medicine, which can be applied directly to the social community.

In the Independent Learning activity, students not only obtain knowledge from college, but they must practice whatever they have learned in the world of college and reach the community.

The lecturer added that FKUB Mengajar session 2 is a series of activities held 4 times (sessions) this year. We hope that this activity will be more optimal and applicable, which of course, we will continue to assist in its implementation.

On the same occasion, the Principal of MI Diponegoro Mulyono, Sp.D., said that there are 2 things that we feel can be useful for our students, especially regarding health development and changing their character to start implementing a healthy lifestyle and being aware of the importance of health.

In addition, regarding the management of plastic waste, children can protect and respect the environment by disposing of garbage in its place, making useless items useful. Then we are very grateful that this activity can be sustainable and sustainable in the future.

We, as educators, are aware of our limitations, especially regarding health. So we hope our students can carry out this activity optimally.