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Written on 16 July 2018 , by Editor FKUB , in category News

UB’s name has been well established in public. UB is where many achievements have been made. These include the six-in-a-row champion of PIMNAS or National Scientific Week. Thanks to the support from Faculty of Medicine  that has been instrumental in actively preparing and facilitating the students to reach the highest possible achievements in PKM or Student’s Creativity Week by holding an Expo that kicks of today Friday (13/7/18) at Graha Medika FMUB.

FKUB provides full support for its students who will compete in both National and International arenas. This time the FMUB provides its supports by facilitating its students to hold an Expo in anticipation of an upcoming prestigious event for all students in Indonesia, “National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS)” in 2018, which is planned to be held at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

In this event also presented is a material on “Tips and Tricks of Dikti’s Monev (External Monitoring and Evaluation), Motivation, Monev and Proposal Correction”.

There are 9 proposals passing the screening. These include:

1. Oreo Muffin (Oreochromis niloticus Fish Bone Serum For Antiaging: Utilization of  Nile tilapia fish bone waste for antiaging serum Nano Transformer

by Citra Fajar Waruju, Kohita Rahma Perdana, Indira Hatmanti Puspitasari

2. P-FLAP: Utilization of Pseudomonas flueoreoscens Bacteria Membrane for Pneumoniae Therapy

By Rivaldo Brahmantio hardani, Putu Sri Maharani Utami, dan Edvin Prawira Negara

3. ROLADE: Utilization of Ficus religiosa leaf extract for therapy of diabetic wound

By Bigy Nuuron Dana, Agung Dwi Krisnayana Nadya Vira Saputri

4. Student Movement of Bullying Awareness (Gasing): Preventive Efforts and Bullying Rehabilitation for students of Junior High School (SMPN) 4  Malang

By Iqbal Sholahudin Maududdy, Agung Dwi Krisnayana, Fitrah Aulia Lisabilla, Tuntun Parwati dan Syafira Idhatun Nasyiah

5. Formulation of hydrogel-based Nanoemulsion from Ceiba Pentranda Honey as Innovation for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Wound Dressing

by : Made Prissila Prindani, Ramendra Dirgantara Putra, Kadek Devi Arum Savitri

6. Direct-Skill-Practice-Based Counseling and Education Program for Reproductive Health  for childbearing aged women at the Posyandu Ganjaran, Gondanglegi, Malang Regency

By : Dewi Pamekas, Gheza Dearysma Kinanti Putri, Maulida Diah Setiawati, Dina Dwi Puryani, Ayu Shinta Arizona

7. Crinicum Asiaticum L. for Diabetic Ulcer Foam : Crinum Asiaticum L. Leaf extract as an alaternative solution for diabetic ulcer on Wistar Strain Rats

By Ni Made Ari Widayani, ANisa Hanifatin Rahayu, DesiChristin Saragih

8. Duracyver (Duanliella sp. Therapeutical Potencyfo Chronic Liver Disease): Development of Non – Alcoholoc Fatty Liver Disease from Dunaliella sp. Extract as a potential for Lipid Profile Improvement and Hepatoprotective- based  Liver TNF-α Reduction for Wistar Rats Atherogenic Diet

By Nabilah Hanifah Mukti, Shilvia Astryanti, Khalid Amjad

9 LAR – PHD (Identifier and Recorder patient with Database): Automatization of RFID-Card-Based Patient Identification at Geriatri Teja Husada Hospital

By Habsari Yusrinda Siwi, Reza Kemal Firdaus, Fadhyla Widya Puspitasari, Ayu Lestari, Bayu Abi Pamungkas.