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Written on 28 August 2017 , by Editor FKUB , in category News

Dr. dr. Sri Andarini, M.Kes, the Dean of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya officially welcome 654 new undergraduate students in school year 2017 / 2018. The Welcome Ceremony is a part of Orientation of new student with theme “Pandawa Dwipantara”, which held on Sunday to Monday (20 – 21st August 2017). “I wish you can enjoy the learning process, and do not hesitate to contact and consult us whenever you need”, said Andarini.

In this event, Evan Dwi Prima, the President of Student Executive Board, welcoming the new student with a warm message to keep their spirit and open their mind to absorb every lesson from their seniors. “Someday you will stand here and become the new leader, so you have to love and respect each others forever” Evan said.

In addition, Prof. dr. Yuyun Yueniwati, M.Kes, Sp,Rad(K) as the Vice Dean of Student Affair introduce all of the Faculty Leaders and Structural Officials to the new students.

The new student that follow this Orientation Program are 218 students of study program of Medicine, 154 students of Nursing Undergraduate degree Study Program, 82 students of Nursing transfer study program, 115 students of Nutrition science program, 84 students of Pharmacy program, and 77 students of Midwifery program.