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Written on 24 May 2016 , by Editor FKUB , in category Activities

Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA) – Brawijaya on Saturday (05.23.16), conducting Adolescence Reproductive Health Education ARHE 2016 is one program that was originally held by AMSA Nepal.

Support from WHO also makes this program was eventually adopted by the AMSA-International which further implemented in many other countries, including AMSA Indonesia. The program is also one of the work program that AMSA Brawijaya district itself included in District 5 joint AMSA UNAIR and  AMSA UHT. This activity is coordinated by the National Team AMSA Indonesia who happened to come from AMSA Brawijaya.

ARHE 2016 opened with a speech from the chief executive, Yasmin Rachmadani, which is then followed by a speech Representative AMSA-Brawijaya, Raehani Ajeng P, sertasambutan of head SMPN 1 Malang, Dra. Hj. Lilik Ermawati, M.Pd.

The activity continued with a brief seminar on adolescent reproductive health and about the dangers of rampant sexual crimes now found around the neighborhood. Surely this is a good positive response speaker, dr. M. FachrulUdin, Sp.A, Kes nor the parties SMPN 1 Malang.

The seminar was attended by 100 participants who were among the students of SMPN 1 Malang that invites curiosity and led to a greater burst of questions. Certainly clear the participants were very enthusiastic in accepting the seminar materials.

The activities continued with the Focus Group Discussion, where students are divided equally into 10 groups and discuss cases that have been presented by facilitators who are fellow students at the University of Airlangga, Hang Tuah University and Brawijaya University.

The results of these discussions are used to brief debate session, where participants presented the results of their discussions. It seemed to be a very interesting activity for all students fought to express their opinions. The results of the subsequent brief debate was concluded by the speaker back to align the opinions and thoughts of the participants.

As an appreciation of participants were very active during the activity, 10 were the most active selected from each group and was appointed as an ambassador kesehatan.Penyematan pin and gift symbolically ratify them as Ambassador of Health ARHE 2016 that later on they will share information with people based on the environment around them has been obtained.

ARHE closure in 2016 by giving a memento to SMPN 1 Malang and then proceed with Ice Cream Party. All participants and organizers enjoy the dish even students out of these activities also enliven this ice cream party. Expectations could not be separated among teenagers especially students of SMPN 1 Malang with their ARHE (Adolescence Reproductive Health Education) 2016 can increase attention to health and be more careful in acting.