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Ditulis pada 9 Juni 2014 , oleh angga , pada kategori Kegiatan

The development of medical science especially in nephrology hypertension is  growing rapidly. Many scientific activities ( both national and international )  organized to convey the progress of science. The development of  science in principle includes 2 major aspects , “Basic Science” as
well as the “Clinical Aspects”. And the challenges that must be answered by  Nephrology and hypertension division today is how to implement all development  of “Basic Science” into a future clinical concept that can be easily understood  and applied by our peers at every level of service.

In the first-line services (General Physician) Basic science concepts is intended  as a briefing on how they recognize and do prevention against any issues related  to kidney disorders and hypertension, whereas in secondary-line or referral  (Specialist), this concept prevent the patient from more severe conditions.

Thus the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension , Lab . / SMF in the  Brawijaya University Faculty of Medicine, in 2014 intends to conduct activities of  MNHU – 2nd (Malang Nephrology Hypertension Update), with the topic ” Basic Science to Clinical Aspect of Nefrology and Hypertension Disorder “.